Hack 4 Queer Youth

A chance for Queer youth & students to start creating social change

Hack 4 Queer Youth is our amazing yearly event where our attendees tackle 5 LGBT+ topics over 3 days across 10 different campuses. At its culmination, we’ll present 10 new tech solutions for creating social change for Queer Youth & Students!

How this Works

Step 1: Register Campus

Step 2: Each LGBT+ Campus Center encourages students, alumni, faculty and community members to register (Computer science, digital artists, LGBT+ advocates, anyone affiliated with your educational institute who is needed to help build a tech solution.)

Step 3: On March 17-19th host space for your team to meet and build. (national conference meetup with all the campus registered hosted by Maven & oSTEM)

Step 4: Your team will build a tech tool with one of the 5 LGBT+ Topics assigned to your team on Friday evening.

Step 5: Teams will showcase their tech tool to LGBT+ Tech Professionals from Google, Pandora, Pinterest on Sunday. Judges will announce the winner that day.

Winning Team wins $2,500 for their campus LGBT+ Pride Center and Win the 2016 National LGBT+ Campus Hacker Title.

Participants Registration opens in December.

Teams will be assigned at random one of the following topics/issues:

  • Inclusion/Opportunity
  • Campus Violence
  • Back 2 School Readiness
  • Gender Education/Awareness
  • Isolation