You can make a big change in a teen’s life.

Join our amazing volunteer team! We seek professionals who work within the tech sector to inspire youth to explore a variety career pathways into technology.

Volunteers must be:

  • 23 or older
  • work within the tech sector
  • value & embrace the LGBT+ Inclusion

Committed to Diversity

A group of diverse volunteers is needed to ensure youth meet someone they can see themselves in. Diverse means gender, racial identities, skill levels, careers, age, and tech/economic opportunities a volunteer has had in their development into technology. It is important for Maven to find volunteers that are reflected of the youth we serve.

Types of Career Volunteers

  • Developers/Programmers
  • Game Developers
  • HR
  • Recruiters
  • Marketing
  • Designers/Illustrators
  • UX

Ways You Can Help

Volunteer at 2017 Summer Tech Camps

Have a day or a few hours to volunteer at our tech camp?

1 - 2 Hours:

  • Out in Tech Panel Member – speaking about being out and working in the tech industry
  • Opening Day Registration Table – support youth checking into camp
  • Chaperone – support with youth/adult ratio

4 hours - Full Day:

  • Mentoring – (during and after camp) mentoring youth who are exploring career pathways into technology
  • Workshop Presenter – create a 1 hour workshop for camp
  • Programmer/Coder Support – support youth during coding classes

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Mentoring LGBT+ Tech Youth

Help us build our Mentor Program!

Maven has a number of youth looking to learn from LGBT+ Tech professionals. From support in what classes you took, to how Python changed your life, to how is it being LGBT+ and working where you work. This is a new opportunity and we are seeking volunteers to help us to create a great mentor program. Interested in helping us build a new volunteer opportunity, then email us, we would love to hear from you. then email us, we would love to hear from you.

Let’s Mentor

Host a Tech Youth Event

Have a cool office space for youth to visit and hold a tech meeting?

From our tech camps to LGBT+ Youth Tech Summits, to youth meetups, we need free space for us to conduct our programming. Let us know ways your company can host one of our events.

Maven partners with tech companies and LGBT+ Centers across the USA to host tech workshops for queer youth. We look for partners to bring tech opportunities for LGBT+ Youth.

I Want to Host!

Become a Board Member

Want to invest your energy for the next level of dedication?

Maven is currently building our non-profit board to strengthen our organization nationally. We are seeking diverse tech professionals who are passionate about providing tech programs for queer youth while uplifting our LGBT+ centers.

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